International Criminal Court turns 10

The ABC's Law Report focuses its attention on the International Criminal Court this week as the Court's tenth birthday approaches.  Has it been an effective institution for bringing criminals to justice who have perpetrated mass atrocities against humanity?  In the ten years since it opened, it has not completed one trial.  Does this mean that it has been a complete failure? Listen to the podcast to find answers to these questions.

Read this opinion piece 'ICC deserves help in seeking justice for all' by Louise Chappell and Andrea Durbach, SMH, 14 February 2011.

The International Criminal Court website has useful information about its operation and details about the fourteen cases presently before the court concerning seven situations.  These include:

If you are interested in exploring the work of the International Criminal Court, the following magazine articles are available on AGIS Plus if you have a library card for the State Library:

The State Library of NSW has a range of books in its collection about the International Criminal Court available to any student or teacher who is interested in reading more about this court and can visit our library.


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