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Joe Murphy and Nicole Cama presentations

Recently the State Library presented a morning with Joe Murphy and Nicole Cama.
Joe Murphy, a keynote speaker from the recent VALA conference discussed libraries, technology and the future. Joe Murphy is a technology analyst/trend spotter and librarian.  He received the Library Journal “Mover & Shaker” award in 2009,
Nicole Cama, is from the Australian National Maritime Museum. This museum is a leader in how they use social media to engage with their community, both at the museum and online, and Nicole is one of the key people making it work so well. 
If you missed hearing Eli when he was here you can watch the videos. 
We suggest that you watch them in small groups as a time of professional development. 

If you missed hearing Joe Murphy and Nicole Cama when they presented you can watch the videos. 

Joe Murphy - Library as Future from State Library of New South Wales on Vimeo.

Nicole Cama - Engaging the online community from State Library of New South Wales on Vimeo.

We suggest that you watch them in small groups as a time of professional development. 

Public Library Services is on Instagram

Public Library Services is on Instagram. We are experimenting with using Instagram to help us share information with you. This builds on the recent blog post about Hashtag, Instagram and public libraries.

We will be posting occasional photographs from our Instagram account showing different New South Wales public libraries, and using the hashtag #nswpubliclibraries. You can find us on Instagram at Publiclibrariesnsw or search for the hashtag #nswpubliclibraries If you have an Instagram account, please follow us. We will follow library and council Instagram accounts.

So far two library services have used #nswpubliclibraries for their photographs on Flickr. We have invited these images to join our group, and have posted them to a board on Pinterest. You can add your photographs to the group on Flickr – you don’t need to wait for an invitation. Our plan is to post to Pinterest a selection of images which use the #nswpubliclibraries hashtag, and also repost on our Instagram account.

We would like to see so many people posting images using #nswpubliclibraries that we can use the same display method as the James B Hunt Jr Library in North Carolina uses – have a look at their My #HuntLibrary display.

The State Library is on Instagram.

Cameron Morley and Ellen Forsyth


Hashtag, Instagram and NSW public libraries

Hashtags are used in social media to connect people in discussing the same topic, even if they don’t know each other. For example, during the current test cricket series, people have been commenting using the #ashes hashtag.

The British Library uses hashtags for all their exhibitions.  Their current exhibition Georgians revealed uses #BLGeorgians to connect promotion, and people talking about the exhibition.

We would like to start connecting discussion and images of New South Wales Public Libraries through the use of the suggested hashtag #nswpubliclibraries. The only recorded instance of its use to date is 


Instagram is a photograph sharing tool.  Over 150 million people are active users, sharing 16 billion photographs, with over 55 million new photographs being shared each day. Over 1.2 million photographs on Instagram are tagged #library.  Have a look at some of the photographs, and you will see how many hashtags people use on their photographs

If you or your library is on Instagram you can share photographs (eg events, collections, services and staff) using the hashtag #nswpubliclibraries.  We suggest also including a hashtag for your library - you might choose the name of the council, town or suburb.

You can use the same hashtag #nswpubliclibraries on Flickr and we will add it to a group. We have added this tag to our images of NSW public libraries.

The James B Hunt Library in North Carolina has been displaying and collecting photographs from their library clients. Some of the photographs show how lovely the building is, and some show how people are using the spaces. You can see examples of the images here.  

The State Library is investigating a similar method to showcase public libraries across New South Wales - the hashtag will make it possible.

What do you need to do? When you share an image of a NSW public library to Instagram or Flickr, please add #nswpubliclibraries to it. We will also be collecting tweets of #nswpubliclibraries.

Cameron Morley and Ellen Forsyth

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