web 2.0 and the readers advisory working group

The readers advisory working group had a lot of success with using social media at their recent seminar. 

Seven of the presentations were made available via slideshare.  The presentations have been viewed a total of 5 064 times altogether.  This means that the presentations have been able to be seen by many more people than can fit in any of the State Library event rooms.

Two of the presentation from that seminar featured on the slideshare homepage.

The presentation by Rowena Specht-Whyte was featured because it was the most tweeted about presentation

The presentation by Vassiliki Veros was selected by the editorial team at Slideshare as a feature presentation.

The twitter statistics are also very interesting, because the #ra2011 tag was tweeted by 84 people with a total of 505 tweets.  Many of the people tweeting about the seminar had not attended it.  You can see a summary of these and other relevant statistics on twapper keeper.

It's never too late to update your social networking / web 2.0 skills so check out the NSW Public Libraries Learning 2.0 course or the 2.1 update.  If you need help getting started (or restarted) please contact Ellen or Mylee in Public Library Services.


Karen B's Gravatar I find Slideshare really good to catch up on talks that I've missed. It does, however, rely on the quality, quantity and information provided in the slides. These two slideshare presentations were great but I've come across others in the past that can be almost impossible to decipher with no notes to help.
It would be great to record audio or transcripts for these presentations as well as slideshare.
[#] Posted by: Karen B | 6 April 2011 at 10.48 am

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