QR codes and libraries - what's all the fuss about? [Learning 2.0 update]

Barcodes are a familiar sight in public libraries.   But there is another type of 'barcode' on the scene called a QR code.  Here is a video from the team at Commoncraft that's a good introduction and overview of how they work.

Some libraries are using QR codes as an access point on shelves to promote online services in the same space as the physical ones are displayed.  Other applications include:

  • QR codes on posters linking to websites with further information and bookings
  • QR codes in books linking to book reviews, online book trailers and other online resources
  • Scavenger hunts for library orientation using QR codes to access clues and instructions
  • Here are some pictures of QR codes in use at the Syracuse University Library Learning Commons
  • There are some great examples of QR codes in action in this slideshow by Carol Walker
  • Engaging your community with QR codes by David Lee King
  • If you want to know much more about QR codes check out Voir QR: The History, Use & Abuse of QR Codes

To create a QR code you will need a QR code generator, there are many of these available online for free (eg. QR,, QR Code Generator). Your customers will need a QR code reader for their smart phones (eg. QR Code Readers)

The Learning 2.0 Pit Crew

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Daniel Kielly (Resources & Information Librari's Gravatar Shellharbour City Libraries has been using QR codes as part of our marketing for several months now and with varying success. The key is to use them selectively.
[#] Posted by: Daniel Kielly (Resources & Information Librari | 9 September 2011 at 3.21 pm

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