Billion graves

Have any of you experimented with an app called Billion graves?

Old Deerfield Cemetary

Photograph by Jay Adan

Billion graves is a method to record cemetery headstones. It works through an app for both android and iphone. 
How does it work? You photograph the headstone with your smartphone, the location is recorded by gps, and you upload the data to the Billion graves site.  The headstones can then be transcribed.  It does not seem to overlap with the many other cemetery recording project done or underway.  It looks like people are working their way fairly systematically through cemeteries.
For more information see Billion graves.
There are 4 605 Australian headstones included - correction 23 April - it is 4 605 Australian cemeteries.
So have any of you tried it out?  If so what did you think of it?


Kieran's Gravatar Wow - love it!
[#] Posted by: Kieran | 12 April 2012 at 10.48 am
Rob's Gravatar There are actually 4,605 Australian Cemeteries available (not all have photographs of headstones). There are many thousands of headstone pictures taken in Australia with more being added every day. You can see which cemeteries have pictures added here:

[#] Posted by: Rob | 14 April 2012 at 3.26 am

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