ALIA Biennial Sydney 2012 and social media

The ALIA national conference is coming to Sydney in July. Several of your public library colleagues are presenting at it which is very exciting.  Have a look at the program.  There is still time to register for the conference.

While not everyone who works in libraries will be able to go to the conference, you can be involved with it via social media.

Look at the various social media channels being explored.  Use them to join in the discussion of the conference theme of discovery before as well as during the conference.  The ALIA Biennial blog is being used to talk about some of the social media experiments for this conference, as the process of exploring the different social media channels is about discovery too.

If you have not tried out the social media tools being used for the conference, it could be a good time for you to start your discovery too.

This photograph below shows the only face to face planning meeting of the social media group for the ALIA Biennial. 

three different tools


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